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  Prayer your way 2020:

  March 2020 - A Fathers hope

  February 2020 - Our Prayer Life in 2020

  January 2020 -A new year, a new hope, and a new walk with our Lord Jesus Christ

  Prayer your way 2019:

  December 2019 - Jesus's Birthday Remembered At Christmas

  November 2019 - The Father's love for you

  October 2019 - Being Victorious

  September 2019 - Taking care of Gods House

  August 2019 -Fear the Lord your God... Father Gods deep love for you His Children

  June 2019 - Because He cares

  May 2019 - Faith

  April 2019 - Mary, Jesus, the cross and us

  March 2019 - The Tongue

  February 2019 - Its all about the heart...

  January 2019 - Thanks giving

  Prayer your way 2018:

  December 2018 - Thanks giving

  November 2018 - Authority

  October 2018 - Families

  September 2018 - Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.

  August 2018 - Who is Jesus to you?

  June 2018 - Our Father in Heaven's love for us...



















Welcome to the prayer activities page of our website. Prayer is a foundational part of our Church. The following is a guide to our prayer activities, but as always our Sunday notice sheet will contain more up to date information. If there is an aspect of prayer you would like to see included then please let me know. We are keen to expand our prayer life to cater for all needs, and more than that to follow the leading of our Lord in Heaven. This is His church and we seek His guidance in running it. May the Lord bless you. Tony Barnfather ( Prayer co-ordinator )

Monday Night Prayer Meeting

On Monday nights, Mount Zion church is opened up for a prayer session starting at 8pm, and finishing around 9pm. This is an intercessory prayer meeting with the aim of praying for others and each other. Between 5 and 25 people meet to pray together. Different people may lead the session according to what the Lord puts on their heart. Once a month, there is a pastoral prayer session, usually lead by Rena. During this session Rena distributes a list of all the people who go to our Church, and we pray for one or more of them as we feel led. People are also prayed for in groups, for example recently married, young children, those who need healing etc. This ensures all church are prayed for. Other times we will pray for our Church, our Town, or our Nation. We pray out loud, or in our hearts, depending on how we are lead.


Embrace the day - Prayer your way

Embrace the day - Prayer your wayOn the first Saturday of the month, between 9:30 and 12:00 our Church is opened up for "Embrace the day - Prayer your way". This is a quiet time of prayer, where you are welcome to come and sit in our Lord presence, and spend that wonderful quiet time with Him. No interruptions, no phone, washing, or any other distractions, just a nice quite and peaceful time of prayer and reflection. We will provide a thought sheet to guide your prayer time, but then our Lord may have a different idea for you, and He will take you on His own Journey...


Prayer Chain

Mount Zion has a prayer chain system covering telephone, text, and email, that allows us to request and receive prayer from all in the prayer chain for any issue we may have or are worried about. Prayers can be for any reason, or for any body. Simply call Alan Scholes or Tony Barnfather to request a prayer. If you would like to join the prayer chain as a prayer partner, you can receive the prayer requests via text, telephone or email. See Tony Barnfather for more info. We know from our own experience that our Lord God in Heaven answers our prayers, and would be upset not to hear from the children He loves so much.


 House Groups

House groups typically meet on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights during the week. Whilst they involve meeting together to study the Bible and learn more about each other, they are also informal and supportive, so if you need any prayer it will always be available for you during each study group.


 Prayer meeting with our Elders

"Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord" (James 5:14). Our elders are always happy to meet with you if you are sick and need prayer.




 OSM Prayer Focus

On the third Monday of the month, the church prayer meeting is dedicated to praying for our many Missionaries around the world. It starts at 8 p.m. The up-to-date news of our Missionaries is presented so that the fellowship can be very specific when we are praying for them. Our Missionaries really do need and value your prayers. Also it is encouraging to hear how your prayers have been answered.


 Pastoral Group

The Pastoral group meet one Friday per month. Each couple in the group look after a number of the people in the congregation. Each couple prays for the people they look after, and if required, they will visit them to provide support and help as required. This way the Church looks after its congregation on a one to one basis. If a member of the congregation needs help then as well as talking to people at Church, they can call on the couple that look after them in the Pastoral group.


 Prayer partners / Triplets

Members of Mount Zion have grouped together in twos and threes to form prayer triplets. These groups usually meet once a week or so in an informal way to pray for each other. This allows for trusted and close friendship and in depth prayer to develop. This is an informal arrangement, so can be set up or disbanded at any time.



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Our Outreach Connections

To provide effective outreach, our Church connects with the following organisations. If you would like to get involved, please come and join in our service on Sundays to find out more...





 Bible Society


 Fair Trade




Open Doors


Christian Aid




Baptists Together


Evangelical Alliance


Spacious Places







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