Ladies Supper Club commenced in 2017 and was born out of an idea by two friends in church. Kath and Shirley never seemed to have time to get together and became aware that this applied to many of the women in church. So, they agreed to put an evening aside to go out and have an inexpensive meal and 'catch up'. The invitation was opened to any other ladies in Church who fancied a relaxed evening out and the Ladies Supper Club began.
The first meal was at Bertrams, 2for1 burger night and over 20 women came along. They enjoyed it so much that mainly thanks to Kathy, this group has grown in numbers and met regularly since.
The club has enjoyed 'in house' craft, karaoke, film nights and the very popular Christmas mini market and lovely meals out in the area.
All ladies are welcome to come along to a relaxed fun evening and will be assured of a warm and friendly reception.
Our aim is that everyone should immediately feel like our friend, so no one should feel put off by coming along their own.
Ladies Supper Club also support a charity called . As a women's group we agreed it would be good to empower other women and so any monies raised through events is loaned to women entrepreneurs through this charity. It is inspiring to be able to make a difference to other women's lives through meeting together and having fun.
To date we have supported women in business in Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Ecuador. This loan keeps giving, as once the repayments start coming in , we can then lend it again! Joyful giving



If you are interested in knowing when the next event will be, why not click on the calendar below to find out: