Our Building's Journey...

When a person commits to being a Christian, and lead a Christian based life, the journey they start on is often a fascinating journey.
But how often do we think about the journey a building takes?
We have been here in one form or another for 139 years now, and along with our journey, our building has changed over the years to accommodate us.

The extension that is being built onto our Church now is probably one of the biggest changes it has ever had, so another exciting event.
We have always been the "Church on the hill", which is lovely, but that has made it hard for our older or less able members to access the Church. This is what we wanted to change, so that everyone can come and join in.
We have added this page to our website to share this part of the journey our Church building has gone through...

In the beginning...


Many private benefactors from within and outside of the Mount Zion Church family have made this project possible, for which we would like to thank everyone.
Total raised to date including gift aid £202,400

We would like to especially thank the following organisations for all of their help:

Lancashire Environment Fund http://www.lancsenvfund.org.uk/ £30000 grant
Allchurches Trust https://allchurches.co.uk/ £3300 grant
Garfield Weston Foundation https://garfieldweston.org/ £10,000 grant

We are also thankful and moved by the support and encouragement of the local community here in Cliviger and the surrounding areas.

Many thanks to all,
Mount Zion Church






 ...Might take a while with that spade. Lets try something bigger...

 Our hope is this new extension will help those who find it hard to climb our steps to gain access to our Church. We are family together, and it is always sad when one of our family has to struggle to come home.
We are also hopeful we will be able to include the community we live in more, giving us an opportunity to show Cliviger what its like to be part of our family.

The Characteristic our Church is most known for is our warm welcome. We are family together, and really care for each other. Jesus is the head of our family, and we try and follow in His footsteps. We try to show our love and care to all, and to help where we can.

If we can help, please drop in to see us, we are here to help all we can!





 Foundations and lift section being constructed

 Our foundations and lift sections being built. There are 27 piles 7metres deep in our foundations to make sure the Church will still be here and helping in another 139 years we hope!

Like the bible says, Jesus is our foundation. To us, that means we can rely on Him, and His word. Jesus had so much love and compassion for people. He would weep for them, be moved by them, heal them, teach them, and even raise them from the dead. His love for us both then and now is un-deniable. His grace and patience is so moving. It takes big foundations to be able to carry a load like that!!!

More big boys toys...

Some interesting pictures of the framework going up.
I wonder how big this is going to get?

As Christians, our framework at Mount Zion Church is the bible.
The old testament is not only the original laws that were laid down by God, but also good advice from Him on living the human life.
The New testament shows our Fathers love for us, His Grace, and introduces us to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.
The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John show us how caring Jesus is, and how much He loves and cares for us. Most importantly, the gospels outline the reason Jesus came to earth to die for us, so that we can be saved from our own sins. Jesus is the only one who can pay this price for us. We are the only ones who can decide to accept this amazing gift from our Lord Jesus!

 Some roof beams...

The first Sunday I saw this structure up like this, I was suprised at Just how big the extension is becoming.
It has a really important role to play though, not only will it help to lift people into our lovely Church, but will also provide a nice area to enter the Church and chat before we enter into the main hall to worship our Lord Jesus and our father in Heaven.

So what is Church all about?
For us Church is a way of life, and we try and follow the pattern Jesus showed us when He was here.
Our Sunday services allow us to meet and Worship Jesus and our father in Heaven by our singing, our prayers, by listening to His word, and by caring and supporting each other. During the week there are events such as mid-week bible studies, allowing us to learn more from the word. We have prayer meetings, excersize meetings, and informal meetings. We even have ladies nights and men's nights which are mainly fun and outreach events.

 Looking bigger than I thought...


And so the journey continues...


Summer arrives, and so does the extension completion!

Wow, with this summer comes our finished building, and all I can say is wow!
It has turned out so beautiful, far nicer than I originally thought it might be. I don't know why I should have doubted it would be a wonderful extension, given that our Father in Heaven, has always been in charge of this work I don't know. The new lift has made everyone's life so much easier......
Well, One Sunday morning, our old piano was being replaced. It has been there longer than me, and it is time for an update. The plan was easy, move the piano on some wheels into the lift, down and onto the van waiting just outside the lift. Simples...... well, I don't know if you know this, but this size of lift is too small to fit a piano in! So 8 men, some wheels, and quite a lot of steps later the piano left the building.
Quite a funny morning, just very glad the sun was out!


Lets finish with a prayer...

Father God, we thank you for this Church, and all you are doing in it and through it. Lord we thank you for your presence and guidance. Lord we say thank you for all the people and organisations that have been and are involved in this extension project. Please will you bless each in a very special way. Lord we thank you for all the organisations that financed this project, and pray for your blessings on all the other projects they are involved with both now and in the future.
Lord please will you reveal your love, grace and peace to all who touch this project in any way, so that they may encounter you in a very real and blessed way.
We thank you so much Lord, in King Jesus precious name we pray, Amen.