Saturday prayer time...

Seasons of our Journey...

Saturday 30th September 2017

Saturday prayer time.


Where are we? In Gods house.


Something to think about. Psalm 122:

I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord. ”


Lets think about- “being in Gods presence....”


Lord, I come to you, Let my heart be changed, renewed,

Flowing from the grace That I found in you.
And, Lord, I've come to know The weaknesses I see in me

Will be stripped away by the power of your love.


Hold me close, Let your love surround me,

Bring me near, Draw me by your side;
And as I wait, I'll rise up like the eagle, And I will soar with you; Your spirit leads me on In the power of your love.


Lord, unveil my eyes, Let me see you face to face,

The knowledge of your love As you live in me.

Lord, renew my mind As your will unfolds in my life,

In living every day In the power of your love.


In this quiet time, lets invite the Holy spirit to guide us.

Lets start by thinking about our journey with our Lord Jesus and our Father in Heaven. The things we have been through, the things we have learnt, and how we have grown over that time.


You could think about our life as being a journey of seasons, and each season has a beginning and an end. As seasons in nature have been specified by our Father, so too the seasons we go through are specified or limited by our Father. A great example of this is the book of Job, where Satan wanted to test Job and prove that Job didn't really Love God. God knew better, and each time Satan asked to test Job more, our Father always set down limits.


Lets spend some time asking the Holy spirit to guide us through the seasons our Lord Jesus has carried us through, and reflect on what we have learnt from those seasons, and how our relationship with our Father God and our Lord Jesus has changed over that time. How has it made us grow and mature?


Now spend some time thinking about the season you are in now. Bear in mind if you aren't currently working through a challenging season, you can be in a season of rest and recuperation. By the grace of our Lord, we have good seasons as well as more challenging ones. He knows our limits and knows how to help us grow and extend further without breaking us, though sometimes we wonder if we will break. Our Father knows us far better than we know our selves!


Lord thank you for the seasons you have brought us through, and thank you that you will deliver us from this season, because of your great love for us. Thank you Lord Jesus, Amen


Why not use this space to write down your thoughts about your journey, and the season you are in now.