Because He Cares:
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.

Psalm 139:14


Over the weekend, someone was sharing with me a vision they had had, where they could see their life falling to pieces on the floor, which reminded them of a vision someone had shared with them of pieces coming together to make a lovely picture.

This reminded me of what Wendy Alex had written in her book visions of Heaven, where she had been visiting the throne room of her Father God, and had seen some beautiful tapestries on the wall. Wendy asked her Father in Heaven what the tapestries were, and He replied they represent the lives of His saints. She could see an Angel working on one of the tapestries, which didn't look as nice as the ones on the wall. It was full of knots and holes. She asked her Father, God, whose that tapestry was for, and He replied it was hers. At this she was very upset, because it wasn't anywhere as nice as the others. Father God said to her it wasn't finished yet, but when she saw the front of the tapestry, it was already looking very beautiful.

I wanted to mention these 2 accounts of visions, because they serve to remind us that things may not be as they seem. If we look at our lives and our pasts, we might see the times we didn't get things right, or things didn't turn out the way we want. We may think our lives have been a waste, or are not valuable. BUT we don't see the full picture. We only see the back of the tapestry, not the front. God sees the front, He is the architect and we need to remember that it is Father God who is in control of our lives. This is where the faith we talked about last month comes in to play. We need to trust that the architect of the universe, is also our loving Father in Heaven. He has made such wonderful things, not least is us. Psalm 139:14 says “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well”. We need to trust that Father God will use the things we have learnt and experienced for good. He always has and always will do. This means whatever we think of our past, it is part of a bigger, beautiful picture.

If we look through the ages, a lot of marvellous inventions came from those who had suffered some loss or problems. If they hadn't gone through the trails that they did, our life today would be very different.

Lets take a few minutes to think about the situations and thoughts we have had in the past where we thought something was a waste of time or resources, that later turned into something useful, or maybe gave us an insight we couldn't have got a different way.

Maybe think about the experiences that you have had, and how can you use those times to encourage and help others.

When I got ill in February, though not as serious as many, to me it was the biggest problem I had faced. The experience of having to go into hospital for the first time for a procedure was a huge deal to me. But I always had the thought that one of the things that will come out of it would be when praying for others with health difficulties, that I might now have a tiny glimpse of what they might be feeling and thinking. It certainly helps when I pray for people, it has given me just a small insight into the thoughts and feelings when in these situations.

It also taught me just to trust in our Father God and Lord Jesus, that they are in charge and I am in their hands, which are the best hands to be in. We need to have faith that Father God didn't just make us, and then just leave us and hope for the best. He is in our lives every day, and as much as we will let Him be.

I shared with someone on Sunday, that I was wondering if I should have gone out to see Nadya in the previous week, and I was wondering if I had done the right thing. I was caught between supporting Angelica, working and supporting Nadya. That person thought that if I should have gone I would have done, because if we are open to it, our Father in Heaven will move us to where we should be. Interestingly, the preacher also said something very similar during the service as well. This re-assured me, but also fits into this mornings thoughts as well. Our Father in Heaven, God, is in charge and will guide us through all circumstances such that we are where He wants us to be as long as we are open and willing. It reminds us that He is in charge of our tapestry. Maybe our journey through life is like the journey of the strings of cotton weaving too and fro making up the beautiful picture that is our lives as seen through the eyes of God.

Why not take some time, and have a discussion with our Lord Jesus now, about where you are and what He wants you to see and learn. Enjoy this time though because it is part of your own personal very beautiful tapestry.

Now might be a good time to reflect, and try and see where the cotton has been weaving through your life over the years, watching out for where you see the hand of God in your life.

What is on your mind at the moment? What are you worrying about? Lets bring it to the Lord, and discuss it with Him now, remembering nothing is beyond His control. He will always be with us as we walk through different seasons, but they are always more rewarding if we share our thoughts and feelings with Father God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Spend some time sharing with Jesus now, and know that a problem shared with Jesus is a problem He will help you with! Have faith and Trust Him. There isn't anything He doesn't already know about you or your life, so it wont be a surprise to Him. But let Him help you through this season.

What experiences from the past will help you to relate to and support others?

How can you use these experiences today?

Lets also take a moment to think about how these experiences change the way that you think and how you look at things.

Always remember, God has started a good work in you, which He wont leave unfinished. He doesn't forget about us, or loose hope in us, so we shouldn't loose hope in Him or in our selves either!


Lets finish in prayer,

Father God, Lord Jesus, Thank you that we are your workmanship, your design, and made in the image of you. Thank you that you never forget about us, and you never loose hope in us. Thank you for the journey that you have been sharing with us and the time you spend with us. Help us to just rest in you, help us to be your children and love you as a young child loves their parents. Help us to trust in your design and our journey through this life, that our tapestries are truly beautiful in your eyes. Thank you for your patience and kindness Lord, and help us to share you and our journeys with those around us. Lord please help us to see your guiding hand and always to have faith in you Lord Jesus. Thanks you. Amen