The Father's love for you

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

(Jeremiah 29:11)


Often we forget the journey we have had to get to where we are in life today, both in our every day life, and our Christian walk. We might even remember the high points of the walk, but easily forget the lower points, and more specifically how we felt as the situations played out.


How many times have we prayed for help with something, been relieved to get the help, then we move on to the next thing that we need help with?


Now might be a really good time, to share that walk again with our Father God and Lord Jesus. Lets spend some time trying to remember the first time we turned to Father God in prayer? Take some time to think about that now.


As we move forward, what were the next things that you remember asking for help with, and how did our Father and Lord Jesus answer your request for help? Can you remember how old you were?


In some ways, it doesn't matter whether you were a Christian then, or whether you were just reaching out for help.


Take some time now, to go on a journey with our Lord Jesus, and explore the things that you have been through together, like you would do when you reminisce with a friend.


Do you think before you knew about God, that you were on your own in this world of ours? What about when you don't want Father Gods help, do you think He just stepped aside and left you too it, or even turned His back on you and rejected you like we as broken humans might do?


For sure, the answer to this is no, He didn't desert you, He was always there right next to you. At times I think He would have stepped in and nudged things back onto the course He wants, but not taken a leading role, unless He knew that needed to happen for Your sake.


In the same way, the parent of a young child, would never let him or her run across a busy road to see a friend regardless of how much the child protested. A parent would protect the child in ways the child could not know or realise until later in life.


In the same way, I am sure from the day we were born, until and after we knew about Father God and chose to get to know Him, that He is always right by us, as a love sick human father might, always protecting and being right there.

There are many things that happen in this world, which seem so unfair, that Father God should step in and sort out, that we do not see, and I cant give an answer to why this would be. I am sure in my own mind though, that Father God has such a heart and hope for His children, that He watches us, protects us and guides us. That being said, I think we still have a choice of taking an easy route or a hard route through life.


The point I want to make here is I don't think any of us are on our own either before or after we learn about Father God, and I am sure He will give us time to turn to Him during our life time.


So with these things in mind, are we on our own now?

Lets take a moment to think about and discuss with our Lord Jesus what we are facing today and ask for a revelation of where our Father is and what His heart is for us today.


Equally lets also ask our Father, what He wants us to be doing and thinking about today?


If we watch young children, with very few exceptions, you can see how they are with their parents, how they engage with them, you can see that they have what we might refer to as a “blind Faith” that everything is fine, and they don't have to worry whether their parent will still be looking after them tomorrow.


As we grow older, what was a blind faith when we were young fades away, the world and events start to push us towards our own independence, and teach us that we have to rely on our selves. Faith now becomes much more of a concious decision, rather than a natural reaction. Very understandable in many ways, but we need to remind our selves, that we still have a loving caring Father in Heaven, who we can choose to have faith in. It is now a choice, and something we have to work on.


What ever situation we find our selves in, we need to actively cling to our Father God in Heaven. We need to do it daily, hourly and even by the minute at times. This is true for both our daily lives and our Christian walk.


In my personal life, the situation I face sometimes feels completely impossible, and the feelings and emotions become physical pain I can barely cope with. The only thing I can do is kneel before my Father in Heaven, and ask for His help, which He is faithful and helps me cope. He lifts my Burden as Jesus said He would do.


When I speak to others, sometimes I hear that same over-whelming feelings to the situations that they face. As we grow older and recognise the things going on in our world, we can loose hope and fall into despair. BUT we need to remember our Father has ALWAYS carried us through every situation, AND WILL CONTINUE to do so. The journey will not always be easy, BUT you are NEVER alone! Help is right next to you if you will turn to it. Remember the times you have had help in the past, so it will be in the future. Father God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Trust and have faith in Him!


I just want to share and re-assure you, forever you are Gods child, He loves you and adores you. He made you so you ARE good enough by far! He will never give up on you, He promises that. He made you for His own pleasure, and the pleasure of a parent is to watch their child grow up strong and healthy, to be there all the time, and to share in their child's life, helping where they can. The same is true of Father God, please let Him help you.


Lets finish in prayer.


Lord Jesus, Thank you that you shared the love of our Father with us when you walked with us on earth. Please share that same love with us now. Where ever we go this week, please remind us You and Father God are both there with us, caring for us, just wanting for us to share with you our lives. Lord when we see others hurting, please give us the courage and confidence, to share that same love you have for us with those who are hurting. When we are hurting, please will you put your hand on our heart, and help us to feel how close you are and how much you love us. Regardless of what we will face now or in the future, please help us always to remember that we are not alone, you are right with us now and always.


For those of your children who have come home to Heaven, we thank you, for their race is run and they are victorious by your grace. For those left behind who are feeling lonely, please Lord Jesus, Please Father God will you touch them every day for the rest of their lives. Please wrap them in your arms, and when the pain gets to much, please Lord Jesus will you relieve them of that pain.


Please help us to have an active faith, always clinging to you each day. Please help us to share our lives with you each and every day, and help us to be so thankful, that we have such a loving Father in Heaven, and a Brother in you Lord Jesus who sacrificed so much for each of us.


Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you Father God. Amen