Jesus's Birthday
At Christmas


During this time of year where the days are shorter and the nights longer, and where the weather is cold and wet, it is great to have the biggest celebration of the year to look forward to in remembrance of Jesus birth here on earth.


I wonder what the Christmas season looks like for you and your family? I wonder what you are looking forward to the most? For those where this Christmas will just not be the happy occasion they may wish it to be, my heart and prayers go out to you.


Why not take 5 minutes to share your thoughts with the Lord Jesus and Father God about the plans you have for this season. Don't forget that He is really interested in you and your life, like any good Father would be. I am sure Father God will also be looking forward to spending time with you like we do with our families here on earth.


Why not share with Father God, the 3 things that are on your mind the most about Christmas this year, whether they be good, bad, or just general worries, but then spend a few minutes listening to what Father God is saying to you.


When I was thinking about this prayer day, I was wondering about Jesus, and how He might have shared His birthday with others? What did He look forward to?

I would imagine as He grew up, He would have enjoyed His birthday with His earthly parents, but always aware that there was more to His life than what He knew when He was young.


I would image as He grew older, whilst He always loved His earthly parents and looked after them well, He would also be spending more time with His Heavenly Father. We know from the scriptures He would often spend time on His own with His Father in Heaven. What would you imagine He would have been saying in His quiet time on His birthday with His Heavenly Father God? Take a minute to try and imagine that conversation and sharing of hearts.


Christmas time is a time also of giving and receiving of presents and gifts. What would you give to Jesus and to Father God if they were coming to your house for Christmas dinner this year?


Lets think about physical presents, what do you think you could give them, that would be precious and personal between you and Jesus, and you and Father God?


Bear in mind, gifts aren't just physical or financial items, they are also time, listening, sharing, supporting and caring to name just a few things. So what non physical thing would you give to Father God and Lord Jesus if they came to your house this Christmas? Is there anything you would like to do for either of them?


During the main meal on Christmas day, when we are sat down with our families, we share in our conversations about the year gone by and the year to come. We talk about what is on our mind and hearts. We talk about the things that we enjoy. What do you think Father God might want to share with you from His heart to yours? Try and think about that for a minute.


Then when it comes to our Lord Jesus, what do you think that He would want to share from His heart to yours?


If you are thinking about them judging you or criticising you, please stop for a minute. At Christmas dinner, we are sharing love. Our Father is Love. Jesus died because He loves you. There are times when He will correct us, but not I think when we are sharing Christmas dinner with Him, so try and think again. What loving things would they say to you. How would they show their love to you?


Like the bible says, Mary pondered things in her heart, please could you ponder each day, what Father God would love to share with you at the Christmas table this year. What loving things would our Lord Jesus want to share with you during this wonderful meal this year. You are part of their family, very much loved and cared for. Just take a minute to image that wonderful feeling of being over-whelmed by their wonderful and precious love for you.


On the lead up to this amazing family celebration, what can you do to put a smile on some ones face each day from now until Christmas. Is there a charity you can give just a small amount to? Is there someone who is lonely you could speak to and cheer their day up? Is there someone you can forgive and let go of past hurts? Is there someone you can help across the road? Someone you let in the queue at checkout because they only have a couple of items. When we do any of these things for someone else, we touch their hearts, and lift their spirits. This always puts a smile on our Fathers face I am sure.


Why not spend even just a minute each day sharing with Father God and Lord Jesus what you are hoping for on the run up to Christmas. Why not share the days emotions with Him. Then just take a minute and try and hear His voice, His heart whispering to you, His very dear and precious child that He adores. Like we adore our children, and think of them especially at Christmas time, Father God adores you His wonderful child.


I am absolutely sure, that the one thing our Father in Heaven would really love for Christmas this year, is for you to turn to Him, trust in Him as being your Father in Heaven, your biggest fan; and for you to spend more time sharing with Him your life this year.


Lets pray,


Father God, thank you for the year that you have given us. Thank you for being there with us in the highs and lows of life. Thank you for being our Father, for caring for us so deeply. Thank you for the time you spend with us, for your hopes and dreams for us, and for all that you do in our lives. As we sit down with family and friends this year, and open our presents, help us to open our hearts to you Father God, to you Lord Jesus. Please move our hearts with what moves yours. As the year goes by, please open our eyes to the opportunities you give us to share this wonderful love with others. Please will you make the year to come so rich in love for you Father God and our Lord Jesus, but also for friends, family and new friends to come. Please will you help our lives to be a blessing to others as we walk through this new year to come with you.


For those that are sad at this time of year for many different reasons, please will you share your love, hope and dreams with them, Please will you lift their spirits, and give them hope. Please help each to feel how close you are, that you are carrying them through the sad and lonely times. Please Lord Jesus will you be their best friend, help them to see who you really are, and brighten up their year.


Above all Lord, please will you help us to share with others the wonderful hope and blessings that you have given us. Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour for coming to earth, and sharing your life and your birthdays with us, and choosing to give your life up for us. That if we believe in you as our Lord and Saviour, who died to pay for our sins past, present and future, then we may have eternal life in Heaven with you Lord Jesus and our father God. Help us to share your love with those who don't yet know you Lord Jesus, that we may bring as many new friends as possible to Heaven with us, to share with you and Father God in person in the life to come.


Thank you Lord Jesus for being so loving and kind to us.

Thank you Father God for the hopes and dreams you have for us.

Please help us to be a blessing to you and move your hearts with our lives.