A new year, a new hope, and a new walk with our Lord Jesus Christ.


Happy New Year!


A new year and a new start.

I hope that this year to come is a great year for you, filled with our Fathers blessings, hopes and dreams for you.


As we step from the old year, 2019, to the new year 2020, it is a good time to stop and take stock of the year gone by, the adventures you have been on, the things that you have seen, and the hopes that you had during the year.


Why not stop for a few minutes, and have a discussion with our Father God and Lord Jesus, about the highlights of last year. What was memorable for you? What did you enjoy? Just take time to reminisce with our Lord Jesus, and enjoy those times again. It is also a good opportunity to thank the Lord for these times you are thinking about.


We know that there are always more challenging times during the year as well, but remember, you weren't alone during these times. A good time to say thank you for the Lords help during the low periods of the year. Also a good time to reflect and see if there was any good that came out of those challenging times.


Now is a good time to start to think about what you would like to see and do this year. What are your hopes for the year to come? Is there something that you would like to learn or improve on? Is there something new that you would like to try? What would you personally like in the year to come? Why not spend a little time thinking and discussing your ideas with our Father in Heaven.


Lets spend some time thinking about our families and friends, those who are dear to us. What would we like for them and our relationship with them in the new year? How can we help them, support them and encourage them? How can we be a blessing to them this year? Lets spend some time thinking about this and sharing our ideas with our Lord Jesus, and see if He can help you develop your ideas and make them into reality.


Now that we are thinking about these things, why not stop for 5 minutes, and ask what our Lord Jesus and Father in Heaven would like from us as we start the new year? What is it they have hopes we might do? Spend some time listening for their hearts, their voices, and see what they are hoping for.


We know that our Father in Heaven has hopes and dreams for you. He wants great things for you. He made you, He knows you so well. We know that He wants you to get to know Him a little better this year. Lets ask Him now, what He would like to share with us?


What would we like to share with Him?

Spend some quiet time pondering these things, like Mary did in her heart as she watched her son, our Lord Jesus, growing up.


How can we interact with Father God and our Lord Jesus this year? What can we spend more time doing, or even start doing. If we are thinking there is something we don't do but know we should, why not ask the Holy Spirit for help to start doing that thing, whether it be reading the bible regularly, praying, or just spending quiet time with our Father and our Lord Jesus. If you are thinking that these things aren't for you, or you are no good at them, remember this, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and our Father God have already given you the ability to do these things, as we spend more time doing them, the better we get at them, and the more they mean to us. Have you ever read a book, which at first glance, and reading the first few pages seemed slow going and hard work; but by the end of the book you are so into it that you cant wait to read the next page? I am sure it will be like that for you getting to know or getting closer to our Father in Heaven, our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, our helper.


All I would ask, is through what ever method works for you, to try and draw closer to Father God, try and get to know Him more, and develop that relationship with Him. He loves you so much, and aches for you to know Him better. He gives you every breath that you have. He watches over you day and night. He loves you, and just wants you to draw closer to Him.


This year in Church we are going to adopt the 2020 prayer and action initiative. We are going to try and focus on prayer on the 20th of each month, by sending a prayer out via email or text ( or both ). If you would like to get involved, please let me ( Tony ) know.


During the year, we are going to try and have more of a focus on prayer through the 2020 vision. But lets not forget, we have lots of prayer activities in our Church currently which you can get involved with. We have Monday night prayers each week at Church from 8:00pm. We have the prayer tree, where 37 of us will pray for anyone's needs. If you have something urgent you need prayer for, just let me know and we will pray for your need. We have prayers in our Bible study groups which you are welcome to come along to. We have a prayer leaflet which shows many of the prayer activities that we have and you are welcome to get involved with.


If I, or any of the leaders can help you with prayer, please come and talk to us, we would love to help you.


For me, prayer is one of the most precious and wonderful things. The Lord has helped my through prayer for many different issues over the time I have been praying. We as a Church, and me personally have had prayers answered, and I firmly believe prayer, especially corporate prayer where many of us pray ( like the prayer chain ), will always result in moving our Fathers heart, and changing the situation we are in.


Remember though, that prayer is based on the relationship that you have with Father God, and Lord Jesus through the Holy spirit. If we don't know Father God and Lord Jesus, we wont know in the same way what we can ask for, and what our Father is hoping to do for us and with us.


One thing I would like to ask though, please could you prayer for our Church each week, and ask that we as a Church hear what our Lord wants our Church to do and become. Please pray for us to hear His voice, for direction, for us to be able to reach out to those looking for Father God and Lord Jesus. In Short, please pray for us as a Church to understand how we can please our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you.


Lets finish in prayer.


Lord Jesus, Thank you that it is the start of a new year. Thank you for being right by our side in the year gone by in the good times and the hard times. Thank you Lord that you never let go of us. Lord please will you whisper to us as this new year begins, the things that you want us to do for others and for you. Please help us to please you and help those we come across needing help. Thank you Lord, for making a way we can each come to you, and pray, through the Holy spirit and through the things that you have done. Please help us to each develop our prayer relationship with you and our Father God. Help us to hear your heart and do your will, but help us also to become close to you this year Lord. Please help our love for you and for Father God to grow and mature. Help us to please you. Help us as we walk through the new year with you. Most of all, thank you that you love each of us so much, and have time to listen to us each day. Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you Father God. Forgive us, heal us, and help us to be the people you know we can be, we pray in your precious name Lord Jesus, Amen.