Our Prayer Life in 2020
1st February 2020

Our Prayer Life in 2020
1st February 2020


Last month we were thinking about what we would like to see and do this year. We were thinking about what we would like to accomplish in this year, and also what we can do to please our Heavenly Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ.


Now is a good time to reflect on the things that you were thinking about, and also the things that have already happened in January.


David has been leading us to think about open doors and opportunities to serve our Lord Jesus and our wonderful Church. Have you had any ideas about what you may be able to start doing this year?


When I wrote Decembers “prayer your way”, I had no idea what was about to happen to my Church life, and my relationship with my Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus until I literally got a tap on the shoulder. The door being opened to me was about becoming a leader. My prayer after this was, Lord Jesus, if that is really what you want me to be doing, then I am going to be completely reliant on you Lord. Only you can make this happen. I prayed a lot about this subject, and eventually I was voted in to be a leader. This is a new venture for me, which may be one of the biggest and most important steps I have taken. January's “prayer your way” was about thinking what we can work on, and get involved in during this year. At the time I wrote it, I had no idea that we were going to be thinking about open doors and opportunities through January with David, this was all down to the Lords planning, not mine.


The subject that is on my mind for February is about prayer, where it fits into our life, what its about, and how to move our prayer lives forward this year.


I wonder what your thoughts are right now? Why not take a minute to discuss your thoughts about prayer and your reaction to it with the Lord and our Father now.


Prayer is the gift our Lord Jesus gave us when He was with us on Earth ( Luke 11:1-13 ). Prayer is the way that Jesus opened up for us to communicate with our Father in Heaven and Jesus, our Lord and Saviour.


Like when we learnt to speak as children, prayer is how we learn to speak to God our Father. It is how we develop our relationship with Him, and it is one of many ways our Father can talk to us. I know that Father God is so keen and eager to develop this relationship with us. I know that He longs to hear your voice, and would love to hear it every day.


Lets take a few minutes to think about our prayer life, and how we pray to our Lord Jesus, and how we pray to our Father God in Heaven?


If this is new to you, then lets start by saying good morning Father God, Good morning Lord Jesus, Good morning Holy spirit; And the same for good night.


During the day, lets keep in touch by saying thank you for the things that you see. Things we take for granted. For this day, for our family. For the people who care for us. That we have a Heavenly Father who loves us. For Jesus making the way that we can communicate with our Heavenly Father directly.


The world teaches us to be independent, to stand on our own 2 feet, and to make our own decisions. To a degree that is correct, but Wisdom comes from the Lord, and from our Father God, so why not ask for His advice when we need to make a wise decision. Lord what is the best thing to do here? Lord please will you guide me and help me to make the right decision. Please help me to know what is right.


Typically I start a prayer by saying thank you for the things the Lord has done for me, for that day and for my family; and thank Him for His love and Grace. Then I will ask for whatever I need help with. Then spend some time in the quiet listening.


We just need to keep in mind that our Father in Heaven is the God who made the world. He Is the God to which even the stones will cry out ( Luke 19:40 ). Every thing is subject to God and His authority.


But equally, He made you to be in a relationship with Him, as The Father to you.

He loves you in ways we cannot even imagine. So if He is our Father, and He made us to be in relationship with Him, then it is right that we can approach Him and ask Him for Help, through our Lord Jesus Christ.


As our relationship builds up, as we get to know Him better through reading our bible and as we spend more time with Him, we get a better understanding of how to relate to Him, and what we should and shouldn't do. Like a child learns how to approach his father on earth, so we as Christian children learn how to approach our Father in Heaven. Our children make mistakes along the way, and so will we as children of God.


As our relationship grows, our prayers will change to fall in line with our Fathers heart, and as they align with what our Father in Heaven wants, so they will become more powerful and effective, because it is His will that we are seeking.

Prayer is the most amazing and powerful thing, with the ability to change some ones life in a heartbeat, because of the love of our Father and our Lord Jesus, not because of our efforts. When we see answer to prayer ( which we so easily over-look ), it is an amazing re-assurance that Father God is in charge of His world even in the midst of turmoil and trouble. His love for each of us cuts through any situation, and there is nothing that cannot be fixed or healed today by Jesus.


When we pray, we need to believe we can pray to our Lord Jesus for anything, through our Lord Jesus to our Father God in Heaven. We need to have faith that both Lord Jesus and Father God really want to hear our prayers and our hearts. Most of all, we need to have faith that prayers are gratefully received and will move our Fathers heart to respond in the best way He knows.


If we don't see answer to prayer, we need to keep on praying, keep it in our heart.


When we don't see the answers, we need to remember either it may not be the right time, or the answer may be coming in a different way to what we have decided it should. Our Father and our Lord Jesus see the bigger picture and have much bigger plans than we could ever imagine, so we need to trust them, the same way we trust our earthly parents when we are little.


As you know, we as a Church are involved in the 2020 prayer initiative, which gives each of us a great opportunity to start or develop our prayer life, and experience our Lord Jesus and our Father Gods heart for their children and their world! How amazing it is that at 20 past eight at night on the 20th of each month, thousands of people will be praying for the same thing. What an amazing act of hope and faith in our land. If you would like to get involved please see Me ( Tony ) or Sue Hartley. If you would like to know more about prayer or have any questions, I would be very happy to help.


Lets finish this time in prayer.


Lord Jesus, thank you for this time with you. Lord please help us to learn to pray in the special way you have for each of us. Please be our teacher. Lord will you help us and remind us each day to pray to you and our Father in Heaven, and listen for your voice. Help us to hear your heart and help us to understand you better each day. Please help us to draw closer to you through our prayers in 2020, and get a glimpse of your amazing love in action through answered prayer throughout the year. Help us to please our Father God and you, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen