A Fathers hope
7th March 2020


The season of Lent has come around again. Last year we thought about the times and trials of Jesus looking through the eyes of His mum Mary. This year I thought we might think about the times and trials of Jesus leading up to His death on the cross and resurrection as if we were his father in Heaven.

Lets start from the beginning. We have created the earth, it is our master piece. So many wonderful features, so many amazing sights and sounds. We have put our heart and soul into making this wonderful creation. A lot of work, but so many of our hopes and dreams are invested into our creation. We have plants and animals of all varieties. So many colours and smells and just a perfect environment to put our master piece of works into. We are going to create human beings. They will have a personality, and a soul, and their own minds, and hopes and dreams. These will be our children. I will be their Father and they will be my children. My first children were Adam and Eve. They were my friends, and I often walked in the cool of the afternoon with Adam, and it was good. Very good. ( Gen 1 ).

As time went by, my family grew larger and larger. As with any family, some of my children were close to me, some were far away. Sin had crept into the hearts of my children, and my heart was hurting with the way they were treating each other. Through their sin, they had created a casm between me and them. I no longer could walk in the cool of the afternoon with them because of their sin against me and each other. It was a sad time for me, like any parent, it hurt me a lot.

My plan to bring my family back to me was for part of me to be born a child on earth, and to walk amongst my family fully human and fully God. I wanted to defeat sin once and for all, so that I could be with my children again. Being Holy, and not being able to be in the presence of sin, I needed to have the price of sin paid for. Jesus would be the way I would have this sin debt paid so I could once again spend time with my children, my beloved children whom I missed being with so much.

Jesus was Born to Mary, my chosen one to be My Son's mum on earth. I am Jesus's Father in Heaven, watching over Him all the time. Jesus, fully God, fully human, and my children's saviour if they would choose to accept Him and follow Him.

Jesus grew up quickly for I knew His time on earth would be short. He walked so closely with me, and I remembered the days I used to walk in the cool of the day with my children, and was happy I could do this again now, but troubled as I knew it was only a matter of time before the real fight would begin, and it would be horrific.
The elders and leaders of my Church on Earth had become distracted and miss-lead and were soon filled with their own desires rather than Mine. My son Jesus tried to show them and teach them, but they would not listen. They were more interested in their own status than doing the right thing, and started accusing My child Jesus of everything they could think of. My family on earth would not accept Jesus as My messenger, and would not follow My instructions and guidance. Whilst I knew this was coming, and had always known, it was still heart stopping to hear that the people I had created, my children, my family has turned on my Son, Jesus, and sentenced Him to death. Whilst I knew this would pay the price for sins past present and future, the immense pain was almost to much to bear. My Son, sentenced to death on the cross. When they hung my Son Jesus on the cross, it was too much for me to bear, I turned my face away, but my heart was always right with Him on the cross. What a price I had to pay to get my family back. As my Son Jesus said, Father forgive them, they know not what they are doing, my children really didn't understand. So much pain, so much anguish I could barely contain my self. I tore the curtain in the temple from top to bottom, to remove the barrier between me and my creation, my children, my family. It was too much for the earth to take as well. It shook violently. Even the sun covered its eyes whilst the horrific event happened. Shock and disbelief followed for the rest of the weekend. The world had never seen anything on this scale before, and would not again until the end times written about in Revelations. So many hearts broken, so much sadness and upset. Some of my children started to realise that Jesus really was My Son. What He had been telling them all this time was really true. And if it was true, then they had just killed the true Son of the living God.

That weekend the price of sin was paid once and for all. I had paid it through My Son, and through My Son I could now start a fresh, and My children, could start to learn about me, and can have a direct relationship with me. I so longed for that. I love spending time with My children as I did in the early days.

The world thought that they had won the fight. How arrogant and deceived my creation can be.

Like My son had told them in John 2:19, "Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days.". My time of waiting is over. 3 days are up. I raised my child from the dead, and brought Him back to life. Of course it was His body that was dead, not His spirit or Soul. They were safe with Me, as are all the children of My family who choose to believe in My Son, now their Saviour, their Lord Jesus.

After His resurrection, My Son, Jesus appeared first to Mary Magdelane and the other Mary, then the 2 walking on the road to Emmaus, then 11 of His disciples,  and finally to Thomas.

My Sons final request, the great commission. As recorded in Matt. 28:18-20 “Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” My Son also wanted the world to know who His Father in Heaven is, and also for every child on earth to know just how much their Father in Heaven, The God of this universe really cares for each of them.

I am Father God, this is my creation which I love dearly. I long so much to hear from my children, my family, which is why I asked My Son, Jesus, to ask you who know me as Father God to share your story, your heart, and My heart with those of my children who don't know me yet. I love all my children equally, and my heart bleeds for those that are not saved. I want all to be saved through My Son, your Lord Jesus Christ. Please help Me.

When you look at Lent and Easter through the eyes of a Father, who is fighting to get His children and His family back, who wouldn't be moved.

Take some time now to think about this story of love and hope, and think about your part in the great commission.

Lets take this opportunity to share the Father God and the Lord Jesus that we all know and love with those around us this Easter time.

Lets finish in prayer.

Father God, thank you for your amazing love for your creation, but most of all for your family who live as humans on earth. Thank you for paying for our sins this day, which we cannot pay for on our own. Thank you for removing the divide between You and us. Please move our hearts for what moves Yours. Please open our eyes and help us to see what you want. Help us to remember Easter, and all your Son did for us, and share this good news with everyone we see. Help us to please you Father God. Help us to hear your voice Lord Jesus, and follow your heart. Help us to be you family once again Father God, and talk to you each day through our prayers. In Jesus name we pray, Amen


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  March 2020 - A Fathers hope